The possibilities are infinite.
Centralize workspaces to provide company wide access to select content
i.e. documentation portal, Intranet, Quality Asssurance Portal, Multimedia Library ...
  • Configure simple document portals
  • Enhanced search
  • Customized Portals

Create simple document portals

Quickly and easily create a content portal to consolidate any number or type of workspaces i.e. Sales, Marketing, Quality Control etc. using the ready-to-go templated design.

Create simple document portals
(Screenshot: Create simple document portals)

Enhanced Search

Centralizing access to key content in a dedicated resource facilates detailed, topic specific search.

Enhanced Search

Customized Portals

Customize, personalize and brand content portals to suit any number of business needs. Develop specialized portals such as product catalogues containing images, videos, product descriptions or pricing.

zodiac Customized Portals
dalkia Customized Portals