Today, Powertools is helping companies

organize over 10 million documents

The redesign of our Quality portal, based on Powertools for Google Drive™, enables us to offer an efficient and robust solution to all users working at Trèves Group around the world .

Trèves - Jean-Marc Hervouet, IT Director

Through Powertools for Google Drive™, we are strengthening control of documents shared outside the company through a centralized administration of sharing.

3mundi - Jordy Staelen, Founder and Managing Director

Full integration with Google Drive spared us from having to adapt to a new environment, all while having additional features essential to our business available.

Cosmopolit-home - Serge Duriavig, Founder

We have finally been able to establish a true document management system in our company and maximize the capitalization of our knowledge this way.

Eulidia - Boris Guerin, Co-founder & Managing Director

From now on, we can quickly and easily manage our billing tasks thanks to workflow processes that are completely integrated with Google Drive.

Peaks - Fabrice Garçon, CEO

The successful integration with Google Drive has spared us from having to train our employees to work in a new environment.

Eden Luxury Home - Thomas Marty-Lavauzelle, Co-founder & President